Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I extend the cable leads?

Q: Does it matter which bank (output) is connected with which battery?

Q: Why isn't the Float Charge on after the charger has already finished a charge cycle?

Q: What is the proper charger setting for my batteries?

Q: Can I mix different battery types to a charger?

Q: What's the difference between AGM and AGM+ setting?

Q: Can I charge Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) batteries?

Q: What are the waterproof ratings on the Turbo ME-2 and Turbo MV3 chargers?

Q: How long is the warranty coverage?

Q: Why does charge status light display amber?

Q: Can I leave the charger plugged in permanently?

Q: What is the maximum surface temperature during the extended full loading charge?

Q: Why is the Charging Status light flash between Green and Red?