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 "(Turbo M) can zap a depleted battery back to full in four house and then hold it there indefinitely..."

FLW Walleye

"(Turbo M) can bring a full charge even from generator power or in those situations where you're linking extension cords to reach the boat."

B.A.S.S. Times


"The M-Series onboard battery chargers from Powermania are rugged, waterproof and made for hardcore use that tournament fishermen can dole out."

Amazon Reviews


"As soon as there is a draw on the batteries, it immediately pops back out of monitor mode and into charge mode.  The big brand does not do that."



Waterproof Battery Charger

Powermania's Turbo MV3 series waterproof battery chargers are the new and improved version from the class-leading Turbo MV2 chargers.  Featured a brand new look and all-aluminum case, the V3's carry over all the key features from the V2's - such as the ability to charge fully depleted batteries and move charging power to the weakest bank. The new charger is stronger against physical damage in rough water applications, and its enhanced heat dissipation design further improves the charger's performance and longevity.  This highly reliable unit is the top choice for tournament fishing and other critical applications where battery failure is not an option.

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