"Installed on a 30' sailboat. works great charging a group 27 house and another group 27 start battery. Charges quickly no issues. It's mounted under a cockpit seat so having it sealed is a plus as well for occasional drips. "

--Colin A

"I've been involved in boating for 40 plus years, for both recreational and business purposes. As most consumers I appreciate products that perform as advertised. This is by far one of those products. The price is very reasonable for the features and benefits received. Everything needed for installation is included (even the screws) along with clear and easy to follow instructions.

I would highly recommend the M212E if your looking for dual bank battery charging capability. I also installed the thru hull waterproof ac plug port which makes it easy to connect and disconnect the power source.

Two thumbs up for Powermania!"

--Mike Masterpole (McCoy)

"This is an excellent, well designed battery charger, at a reasonable price.It is encapsulated and hence completely moisture/waterproof: excellent for boat applications; it is compact, with detailed owner's manual, with long wire leads for an easy mounting and visibility; the LED instrumentation enables one to easily evaluate its charging performance and battery state.We mounted it recently (June 2012) on our 40ft sailboat with three (3) battery banks and it has performed superbly ever since. Excellent support services/prompt answers to related questions/a detailed manual all contributed to our decision to buy more of these chargers for marine installations."

--Bill Plywaski (PhD, Seafarer)

"I bought this charger and because of a special application I was using it for, had a minor problem when it came in. I called on Friday and explained the problem and had a new charger from them before noon on Monday at no extra charge for me for shipping. These people are GREAT to do business with and they back their products like all American businesses should. I would recommend these guys with no reservations whatsoever; it is refreshing to see a company go the extra mile at their own expense to help out a customer when there is a problem. Prompt shipping, great customer service, readily available customer service phone number: what more could I ask for?"

--Steve Hollingshead

"What a nice charger way more compact than any on the market.Easy installation and 6ft of cables makes it nice.I also like the dail a battery feature so you know that you will be getting the proper charge for your application.I see them going into alot of my boats. Miguel Mandkmarine."

--M&K Marine Inc.

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