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Introducing Powermania Turbo M & ME Series Battery Chargers.

M is for Marine. The Turbo M & ME series battery chargers from Powermania are the safest, most user-friendly, and most power-efficient waterproof onboard chargers on the market today. Both series are fully epoxy-potted for true, long term waterproof and shock-resistant -- ideal for recharging and maintaining 12V DC batteries in marine applications and other harsh environments.

The Turbo ME, entry-level series, is offered in five models, ranging from M106E (single-bank, 6-amp) to M312E (triple-bank, 12-Amp). This value series is a true 3-stage, automatic charger. Featuring Adaptive Loading, the Turbo ME's intelligently allocates more charging power to weaker batteries resulting in the fastest recharge cycle compared to other chargers with the same output ratings. The Turbo ME also has three dedicated charging profiles for recharging Flooded Lead Acid / AGM, GEL, or High Power AGM (AGM+) batteries.

The Turbo M is the upgraded version of ME. This series is offered in nine models from M106 (single-bank, 6-amp) to M430 (quad-bank, 30-amp). Added Power Factor Correction (PFC), the Turbo M's deliver unparalleled performance in the waterproof category. Highlighted by its ability to charge dead batteries, to pump out full output even at 90V AC input, and to warn user in advance when there is a connection fault or battery fault, the Turbo M series is engineered for and widely used by tournament fishermen for mission critical applications.

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