What's New

Introducing the new Turbo MV2 & ME Series Waterproof Battery Chargers.

Turbo Mv2 - The Next Generation Marine Battery Charger

Based on the same compact, waterproof construction, the Turbo MV2 is lighter and runs cooler, and yet it’s more powerful than the widely praised first-generation Turbo M charger series. The Turbo MV2 includes all of the features of the Turbo ME series and adds global (120/240V) AC input, waterproof active cooling, and individual charge status and individual DC output warning lights for quick diagnosis. This highly reliable unit is the top choice for tournament fishing and other critical applications where battery failure is not an option.

Turbo Mv2 - A Rugged, Versatile Charger for Marine Applications

The Turbo ME Series battery charger is a compact, rugged, waterproof, shock-resistant unit, specifically designed for recharging 12V batteries in marine applications and other harsh environments.

The Turbo ME not only charges any connected battery—even deeply-depleted batteries—the system is fully automated, so you never have to worry about overcharging. Plus, the unit features Three-Stage Smart Charge and delivers full charging power even when AC input is compromised (as low as 90V). Most other chargers fail when AC drops below 110V.

The Turbo ME is fast, completing recharge cycles in much less time than other chargers. And thanks to Turbo ME’s Adaptive Loading technology (available on multi-output models) the unit allocates more charging power to the weaker battery, for faster overall charging cycles.

The Turbo ME has a charging algorithm dedicated to the particular chemistry of each battery type, which is critical to battery performance and longevity. Instead of one charging voltage for all types of batteries, the Turbo ME has three charging profile choices for most popular wet-cell batteries. With its simple, intuitive operation, the Turbo ME helps maximize battery life, so you can enjoy your time on the water without having to worry about running low on power.